Belltown BBQ Shrimp Simmer Sauce - W

This tangy, sweet, spicy simmer sauce is unlike anything you have ever experienced from the Pacific Northwest. This new sauce that is unique in taste due to the balance of flavors that give it a refreshing finish.

This incredible sauce is best when cooked with raw, deveined, shell-on shrimp but will work with any kind of shrimp you prefer. 

Cooking Instructions:

  • Gently heat the Belltown BBQ shrimp simmer sauce in a stock pot.
  • When sauce reaches a simmer, add shrimp and continue cooking until shrimp are fully cooked (which is about 3-5 minutes depending on the size of shrimp you used).

Serving instructions:

  • This sauce is best served in a bowl with rice or steamed whole baby red potatoes and lots of garlic bread for dipping. Enjoy!

All Seattle Artisan Food products are created, by hand, in limited small batch quantities. This sauce is created from organic ingredients that are locally sourced, when available, in the Pacific Northwest region.

PRICE SHOWN IS PER CASE (case is 6 jars).

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