Fair Plate

Fair plate and Fair trade is a social movement whose goals is to help producers to achieve better conditions affecting our communities and our environment.

There are a number of reasons to buy foods from farms within your region. Here are 10 reasons that were provided by the Institute for Rural Innovation & Stewardship and Tilth Producers of Washington:

  • Food grown locally taste better and will always be fresher because it's from your region.
  • Regional farms focus on protecting their environment.
  • Regional farms will conserve the resources that exist locally.
  • Rural communities are built on family/regional farms.
  • Consumers that buy locally learn how the food is grown.
  • Local farms encourage children to practice healthy values.
  • Food grown locally will protect the genetics of the food.
  • Local family farms will grow for the senses.
  • Regional farms do help keep taxes in check.
  • Local regional farms provide food security. 

Our mission is to provide products that support the people who grow it, make it, sell it, stock it and eat it! Building goodwill and a better community.