Our Story

Seattle Artisan Foods is a provider of authentic high quality local seafood sauces and seasoning. 

There are many terms to describe the specialty food market today. Industry terms include "local, bio-dynamic, sustainable, organic, non-GMO, small batch, and hand-crafted" which are just some of the buzz words that many specialty food retailers are using to describe their food products.

What does Small Batch Mean? The origin of the term "Small Batch" came about in the 1930's and is used to designate or relate to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisan methods. In our case, each batch is made by hand in very small case quantities. Each batch is uniquely crafted to our chefs highest quality standards or we do not sell it. It is that simple... Small hand crafted foods really taste good! 

Fair Plate: What does it mean to our company?  Fair Plate is similar to Fair Trade (see below) but is still catching on in the food industry.  In Seattle fair and equatable wages and benefits for restaurant and food service workers have been slow to catch on.  Some cities have passed laws to enforce a minimum livable wage.  We are doing that without having to be told by legislators.  Doing the right thing.... is the right thing to do!  

Fair Trade: Fair trade products made world wide must be produced in accordance with the following guidelines: Workers must receive fair wages, safe equitable working conditions and the right to join trade unions; child or forced labor is completely prohibited; Crops must also be grown, produced and processed in a manner that supports social and economic development as well as environmental protection.  Fair trade standards world wide have been established for coffee, tea, cocoa, honey, bananas, juices, cotton, flowers, gold, rice, spices, herbs, sports balls, wine, composite products and sugar.

Seattle Artisan Foods provides our customers with locally made foods created with the best ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest region.